Irish Peloton Predictions 2010

On the eve of the start of the Pro Tour, I think it’s time for me to make a few predictions on who will win what over the coming season. If for no other reason than to look back in October and see how right or wrong I was. Obviously it’s impossible to know who will ride in each race, and I’ll keep shtum about my reasons for the choices until closer to each race and no doubt I’ll change my mind on countless occasions along the way, but here goes, predictions for all the Pro Tour/Historical Calendar races 2010:

The Irish Peloton predictions for the major races in 2010

The Irish Peloton predictions for the major races in 2010

So it all starts tomorrow. I really can’t wait at this stage and now and again I think I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is throughout the season. It’s hard to find bookmakers that take bets on cycling races but the best I’ve found is Betfair who start taking bets about a week before most of the major races.

I’ll also be taking part in the excellent Virtual Directeur Sportif competition organised over on Podium CafĂ©. It’s a fantasy football style game where you get given a certain amount of points to pick a certain amount of riders. It includes a very thorough (and highly debated) race calendar and points system. It’s free to enter and there’s usually prizes at the end. I missed the boat last season but I’ll be out with all guns blazing this time around. It’s a great way to keep yourself interested in even the smallest of races. Best of luck to everyone and enjoy the season.

Virtual Directeur Sportif

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