The AIGCP want reform, who do we blame?

There is ongoing debate from all sides about the future of the sport of cycling with respect to the racing calendar and the distribution of money along with a potential breakaway league. Richard Moore wrote an excellent piece on it for Pro Cycling magazine which was reproduced on

Jonathan Vaughters is the president of the AIGCP which is the association which represents the interests of professional cycling teams. As Matt over at The Inner Ring has pointed out before, the AIGCP are somewhat mysterious. Although Vaughters himself has a large online presence and is very accessible, the AIGCP itself does not have a website. If nothing else, it would provide a platform from which they could outline a clear agenda and the reasons for their existence. ~ Continue reading ~

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Drugs in football? Pull the other one

Off the Ball is an Irish radio show which airs at 7 O’Clock on Newstalk every weeknight. They cover most all sports and it’s a very entertaining show which regularly features big name guests.

Paul Kimmage often features, as does Nicolas Roche and they’ve even had UCI President Pat McQuaid on from time to time (although he refuses to appear on air at the same time as Kimmage).

Earlier this week, I was listening to the show as they were previewing the Bayer Leverkusen vs Barcelona match in the UEFA Champion’s League. As usual when discussing all things Barcelona, they had Scottish journalist Graham Hunter on as a guest. ~ Continue reading ~

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I’m the best f*****g sprinter in the world

An article appeared in Q magazine a couple of months ago about the band Coldplay. The article in question showed a human, vulnerable side to lead singer Chris Martin which doesn’t usually come across in interviews (or in their music).

Martin described how he constantly doubts the quality of his work and whether the band deserve the success that they’ve achieved. He went on to divulge that as soon as he steps on stage he forgets all those fears and in his head, for the duration of the gig, he thinks that Coldplay are ‘the best fucking band in the world’. But as soon as he steps off the stage, the questioning and self-doubt return. ~ Continue reading ~

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