The Pat McQuaid File

Statement Regarding Cycling Ireland’s EGM of 15th June 2013:

Concerning the nomination of Mr. Pat McQuaid for election as President of the UCI for a third term, five Cycling Ireland members release their rationale for a No vote.

31 May 2013 – (Full Document: The Pat McQuaid File)

We are five cyclists embedded in the Irish cycling scene with a deep passion for the sport.  Our strong commitment to cycling has been expressed over decades through various means.  Our frustration with those at the top of the UCI led us to each other.  We first united to persuade the Board of Cycling Ireland (CI) to put the nomination of Pat McQuaid for a third term as UCI President to the members of CI at an EGM, which Cycling Ireland respectfully agreed to.  On the 15th of June, Cycling Ireland Club Delegates will have the opportunity to vote on whether the Irish cycling federation should endorse Pat McQuaid’s nomination for President in the upcoming UCI elections. ~ Continue reading ~

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