Competition Result and Answers

We have a winner!

The winner, with a paltry one out of three is Mick Brady who wins a copy of In High Gear by Samuel Abt.

Nobody guessed two out of three correctly and Mick was the first person to get on to me with one out of the three right.

So as you can all give out to me for my dismal performances, the answers were:

1 – Alberto Contador
2 – Greg LeMond
3 – Bradley Wiggins

Most people got Contador, (it was the one that Mick got), not many got Greg LeMond and only one person guessed Wiggins. Funnily enough most people guessed Laurent Fignon for number 2 and Mark Cavendish for number 3.

Which means if anyone ever asks me can I do impressions of famous cyclists, I will say yes, I can do Contador, Fignon and Cavendish.

For the record, I was going for LeMond from this video:


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