The Giro d’Italia and the Maglia Rosa

To the first Grand Tour of the year and the race of the cycling connoisseur: the Giro d’Italia and some rather lovely nuggets of cycling trivia…

It is the fourth year out of five in which the reigning Giro d’Italia champion is not present to defend his crown. This year the missing man is Ivan Basso who has foregone the honour of wearing the number ‘one’ on his back in order to focus solely on the Tour de France. Last year, the 2009 winner Denis Menchov was absent for the same reason. As was Alberto Contador the year before that. ~ Continue reading ~

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The best recipe for Giro success

Lance Armstrong gets a hard time. He is regularly accused of something he didn’t do. He is renowned for doing it, he is blamed for others having subsequently copied him doing it but he didn’t do it at all. Everyone who says he did do it is wrong.

He never focused solely on the Tour de France.

It is common practice in this modern age of cycling to slowly build race-winning form over a number of preparation races. Although every race that a team leader participates in is either a goal, or is preparation for a goal, the attitudes exuded by cyclists in each of these races can be quite different. In 2010, the two most polarised examples are Alberto Contador and Bradley Wiggins. ~ Continue reading ~

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