The Pat McQuaid File

Statement Regarding Cycling Ireland’s EGM of 15th June 2013:

Concerning the nomination of Mr. Pat McQuaid for election as President of the UCI for a third term, five Cycling Ireland members release their rationale for a No vote.

31 May 2013 – (Full Document: The Pat McQuaid File)

We are five cyclists embedded in the Irish cycling scene with a deep passion for the sport.  Our strong commitment to cycling has been expressed over decades through various means.  Our frustration with those at the top of the UCI led us to each other.  We first united to persuade the Board of Cycling Ireland (CI) to put the nomination of Pat McQuaid for a third term as UCI President to the members of CI at an EGM, which Cycling Ireland respectfully agreed to.  On the 15th of June, Cycling Ireland Club Delegates will have the opportunity to vote on whether the Irish cycling federation should endorse Pat McQuaid’s nomination for President in the upcoming UCI elections.

Having succeeded with our initial objective, we felt obliged to state arguments against Pat McQuaid’s nomination.  The document that follows outlines why we believe members should vote No at the Cycling Ireland EGM.

Pat McQuaid has been on the UCI Management Committee since 1998.  He was elected President of the world governing body in 2005.  Over the course of his two terms as President, we believe there have been huge issues with regards to Governance and Doping in cycling.  In addition, it is our opinion that the UCI has engaged in mission creep regarding the Globalisation of the sport.

We believe the conflict of interest between anti-doping and promotion of the sport has never been addressed.  Anti-doping measures appear to be introduced on the back of yet another crisis.  We find it regrettable that the UCI comes across as reactionary, not pro-active in the fight against doping.  We think that the UCI’s anti-doping efforts have been too narrowly focused on riders as opposed to managers, teams and doctors.  What’s more, it is our belief that the UCI is reluctant to pursue global stars who become the key asset in its globalisation strategy.  It is our view that this sends a bad message to young cyclists considering whether to dope or not.  The UCI’s actions have resulted in short term commercial gains, however, these gains appear quickly lost in the destructive aftermath of doping scandals.  We believe the UCI’s public feuding with Anti-Doping agencies such as WADA and USADA cast it in a terrible light.  The UCI appears to lack leadership.  Without strong leadership we feel there is little opportunity for the sport to progress.

These issues are not as long in the past as Pat McQuaid would have us believe.  In the last five years we have seen the UCI provide Contador with the reason for his positive test, provide exemptions on testing periods for Lance Armstrong, sue people who speak out for the sport and fight unsuccessfully to obtain jurisdiction of USADA’s investigation into the US Postal Team.  Added to this, is the failure in our view of the much trumpeted Biological Passport to spot any erroneous blood values on Armstrong’s return – despite the USADA report claiming that there was a one-in-a-million chance his values were natural.  In 2013, one can’t help but ask the obvious question, how many other riders have sailed through the UCI’s anti-doping net?

For all the apparent failures contained herein there appears to be no accountability for those at the top of the UCI.  Any UCI reviews have been heavily criticised publicly for narrow terms of reference and for lack of independence.  The UCI’s promised review into issues raised by the USADA Reasoned Decision report has still not happened although seven months have now lapsed.  We believe that extending Pat McQuaids tenure as President will only lead to a continuance of policies of the past.  We expect this to result in more of the same – an unaccountable President who seems unable to provide the sport with the credibility we believe it sorely lacks.

We would love to have an Irishman as President of the UCI that makes us proud.  Unfortunately, Pat McQuaid does not, although he has had every opportunity over the last eight years as President to impress us.  Pat McQuaid’s clumsy communication and his confrontational style seem to bring the sport and the UCI into disrepute repeatedly.  We believe Pat McQuaid’s own actions have increased the public’s cynicism of cycling.  We feel it is McQuaid’s own fault that he is seen to be part of the problem, not part of the solution.  In our opinion Pat McQuaid’s Presidency has long ago become untenable.

Cycling Ireland’s EGM provides Irish cyclists with the opportunity to state any dissatisfaction they may have with Pat McQuaid’s political style, a style that is outdated in our view.  It is time for Pat McQuaid to be held accountable for his record as President of the UCI.  We believe his record is poor and that voting No in the Cycling Ireland EGM is the only way to move the sport of cycling forward and to break with the past.

We appreciate your consideration of our arguments that follow.

Yours in Cycling.

Anthony Moran
UCI Code: IRL 19651019    Email:

Dr. Conor McGrane
UCI Code: IRL19701214    Email:

Paul Atkinson
UCI Code: GBR19601020    Email:

Mark Gill
UCI Code: IRL19770711    Email:

Dr. Cillian Kelly
UCI Code: IRL19841025    Email:

Full Document: The Pat McQuaid File

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  1. Gearoid Loughnane - June 9, 2013 @ 8:21 pm

    Its unfortunate that this matter has fallen upon the affliated clubs of Ireland and its members, it can only serve to polarise the small community of Irish Cycling. At this stage it should be left to the UCI members to vote him out. I support your stance and admire your courage on the matter. Best of Luck !

  2. Michael Kelly - June 9, 2013 @ 8:37 pm

    I support your stance , and admire your guts and determination, best of luck

  3. DamoG - June 10, 2013 @ 5:14 am

    Thank you for taking this position and I hope the outcome will be the removal of Mr. McQuaid from a sport we love as a spectator sport and as amateur cyclists. I believe it will be the better without Mr. McQuaid at the helm and can only further the success of the sport with a clear vision from new eyes on the top level. Best of luck to all.

  4. Justin - June 14, 2013 @ 7:22 am

    I really think that this file is final nail that punctures McQuaid’s tyre. Thank for taking the time to say eloquently what we have all been thinking for a long time.

    It makes me inchoate with rage that nothing has been done about the UCI leadership. How can so much incompetence be rewarded with yet another term in office? It is truly remarkable that he was almost on the verge of an uncontested third term at the top job in cycling. There must be accountability for (at best) stupendous ignorance or (at worst) complicity in the biggest ever sporting scandal. HE MUST GO.

  5. Skippy - June 14, 2013 @ 8:49 pm

    Congrats on a well balanced statement of your views !

    Had i been a member of C.I. , i would be seeking to be at the EGM to voice a World View ( Aussie living in Austria ) of the kerfuffle that is taking place !

    I have written to the President of the Republic of Ireland , asking him to remind the Mc Quaid Family of the GOOD they did in the past and how this intractibility reflects so badly on the Irish Cycling Community ! As a Dublin born Aussie i feel badly let down by the behaviour of phat the rat!

    When the vote is counted on the 15th June , Worldwide Cycling will be counting on the Irish , to have shown the door to a man , unsure of whether he is jim burn or pat mc quaid , that is seeking to destroy any of his own previous achievements .

    Just as we cannot forget or remove Lance Armstrong from the record books , so we are stuck with the damage , wrought by this buffoon , masquerading as a member of the Swiss Federation . Turning his back on the country of his birth deserves the withdrawal of his Citizenship !

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