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I started this blog in September 2009, mainly to give myself experience of writing about the sport that I love. My dream job is to be a cycling journalist and maintaining a cycling blog is about as close as I can get for the moment.

I’m an avid reader and collector of cycling magazines. It has always vexed me somewhat that all the publications available to purchase in Ireland cater for a British audience. Articles constantly refer back to the successes of British riders such as Robert Millar and Chris Boardman. I felt that even the casual mention of a British town or mountain somewhat alienates Irish readers. Ireland, while perhaps not as successful as Britain in more recent years, has got a very rich history in this sport.

As such, my blog posts will follow closely the careers of the top Irish riders, Nicolas Roche, Daniel Martin and Philip Deignan. However, the idea is not to report solely on these riders and the Irish domestic scene (something which IrishCycling.com does to great effect), but to write articles and give views on the entire world of professional cycling, but with an Irish reader in mind.

Thanks for reading.

Cillian Kelly

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