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The Tour is more than just climbing and time-trialling

Alberto Contador was undoubtedly the biggest loser yesterday. The reigning Tour de France champion now finds himself 1’14″ behind most of the other overall favourites as he got caught behind a crash which occurred with 9km to go. Only one … Continue reading

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And Ekimov is calling Hamilton a liar?

No doubt over the coming weeks and months, as the federal investigation into Lance Armstrong comes to a climax, there will be plenty of riders, past and present who will be asked to comment. Now more than ever it is … Continue reading

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The best recipe for Giro success

Lance Armstrong gets a hard time. He is regularly accused of something he didn’t do. He is renowned for doing it, he is blamed for others having subsequently copied him doing it but he didn’t do it at all. Everyone … Continue reading

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The Decisions Behind the Decisions

Fortunately for the sport of cycling, the ongoing race radio debate didn’t manifest itself as a rider strike last weekend. This allowed the riders to do what they are paid to do; cycle their bikes. Today, the team manager of … Continue reading

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Tour de France Stats Overload

The Tour de France finally gets underway in Rotterdam tomorrow. I’m a sucker for poring over lists of statistics and unearthing bits of cycling trivia. As such, here’s a rundown of a few records which may be be equalled or … Continue reading

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