Cycling Ireland EGM – Act NOW!

News has emerged that the meeting conducted by the board of Cycling Ireland where they agreed to nominate Pat McQuaid for the position of UCI President may not have been conducted according to official procedures.

If this is proven to be the case, legally, any decisions made at that meeting will be rendered null and void. Consequently, the board are now faced with deciding all over again, whether to nominate Pat McQuaid or to call an EGM to let the members of Cycling Ireland have their say.

However, the board are due to meet again this evening at 17:00 (26th April 2013), so you must act NOW if you want to make a difference in the future of cycling. Last time out, the board made a decision on this matter without consulting their paying members and without explaining the reasons why they nominated Pat McQuaid. Don’t let the same thing happen again. ~ Continue reading ~

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From Lance to Landis to Walsh

Earlier this year I had an online conversation with an editor of a popular cycling news website. The exchange involved the idea that journalist David Walsh should have his integrity questioned for not tackling the doping issue earlier in his career. The editor said the following:

David Walsh has done some fantastic journalism down the years, especially on Lance Armstrong. But [he] started covering cycling in 1979-1980. Why did he not pursue the drugs issue pre-Armstrong?”

He continued, “the guy was part of the problem for 20 years. His integrity needs to be questioned. When it suited him to look away, he looked away. I know he has done great work, that’s not in dispute. But he pretty much ignored the drug issue for two decades. That needs to be said. It’s not about heroes and villains, it’s not black and white like that. And massive periods of Walsh’s career don’t stand up to scrutiny on the drugs issue”. ~ Continue reading ~

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