Questions for Pat McQuaid

This morning, Pat McQuaid is due to be interviewed by Pat Kenny on RTE Radio One. Yesterday, McQuaid gave some unsatisfactory and vague answers to questions he was asked on various matters. Due to the wide subject matter of the press conference, it was difficult for those present to pursue specific lines of questioning.

I’ve emailed the Pat Kenny show with a list of questions which hopefully Kenny will take on board when interviewing McQuaid. This is the email in its entirety:

Good Morning Pat, ~ Continue reading ~

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As if from nowhere…a Tour winner

The Tour de France is like life. It’s not a game, or a series of games. It’s a two-thousand-mile, month-long odyssey that creates and breaks heroes, elevates some while diminishing others. There’s unspeakable triumph and heartbreak, not in fleeting moments but washing over you for sustained periods. There are disasters, and illnesses. Babies are born while racers speed simultaneously away from and toward home. Deep friendships develop. Rivalries, too. Bikes crash. So do cars. There are cheaters — and there always have been, though the methods have varied. The Tour de France is the only sporting event, someone once said, so long that you have to get your hair cut in the middle of it. This messiness and glory is what I think of when I say the Tour de France is like life itself. It was always where I had most desired and most sought to prove myself. ~ Continue reading ~

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